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 Andreas Andersson

The sixth season of the Gecko Tour started two months ago. It was in Cadiz on a legendary course. At La Cañada. One of the main professional golf courses in Spain, a never ending source of talented golfers and lovers of the sport. This Monday the Gecko is back, now to host the eighteenth tournament of the season, already heading toward the finish line.

Strangely enough, the opening tournament,  despite the fact that it was the first tournament and thus impossible to predict what would happen in the future, was a premonition. Andreas Andersson won by a long shot, with rounds of 66 and 67 shots, and with none other than a six-shot advantage over second place, Sam O’Connor.

There are a lot of big-name professionals in a long lineup of golfers who will compete at La Cañada. Apart from Andersson, Pedro Linhart, Steven Jones, Carlos del Moral, Christopher Sahlstrom, winner this past Friday at Valle Romano, James Robinson, Mads Vibe-Hastrup, Matthew Baldwin, Frederik From, Marcos Pastor and Mario Galiano, local hero who is preparing for the season and who already got a taste of triumph in the Gecko, will all be present. Galiano is always automatically one of the favored golfers whenever he plays at La Cañada. He grew up there and knows the course like the back of his hand, although evidently, there are never any guarantees.

One important factor this week will be the weather, especially during the first round. The forecast says it’s going to rain throughout the first hours of the day and that the wind will be blowing quite strongly. Thus, golfers will be dealing with dense rough and a long course. However, as the day goes on, the sky will clear up and it will be more like spring weather. The forecast for Tuesday is looking up.

The first round will begin this Monday at nine in the morning, and the last will start at ten thirty. Mario Galiano will play at 9:50 with From and Baldwin.