“I have really enjoyed playing The Gecko Tour”

Interview with Matthew Baldwin, great winner of the Gecko Tour finale in Finca Cortesin

Matthew Baldwin (Southport, 1986) finished on a brilliant way the season on the Gecko Tour. Splendid final in Finca Cortesín and splendid winner. Baldwin has also been a Challenge Tour champion and has been a member of the European Tour for the past five years. Last season he lost the card, but has already started the way back to the elite. His victory at Finca Cortesin is nothing more than the first warning. Baldwin is back.

How was the experience to play in the Gecko Tour?

Mathew BaldwinI have really enjoyed playing The Gecko Tour. It has been a great winter warm up and to play competitively again has really helped me prepare for my 2017 season. I head about it through a friend who has played and also done well on it. His name is James Robinson. I would like to thank Ken, Katherine

and all the Gecko Tour people who I believe have a great thing happening with the gecko tour. They are lovely people and are very helpful and passionate about what they do and it can only be a good thing for future professional golfers to learn how to compete. My advise to anyone sat at home during winter months would be to get out and compete, learn and see how good you are against others.

After many years of very good results and consistent golf, last year you lost European Tour card, what happened?

Yes 2016 was a very poor year for me. It came after being off for most of 2015 because of a childhood illness that came back at the age of 29. It really stopped my progress and 2016 was tough as I never played well until towards the end which by then it was too late.

How is your golf now? Are you ready to start in the Challenge Tour?

I feel my golf now is as good as it has been in a long time. I am happy with my swing, my coaches, my clubs and I think 2017 on The Challenge Tour is going to be great.

What’s the main goal this year?

Mathew BaldwinMy only goal for this season is to get back on the European Tour. Whether this be through completing a full year on the challenge tour or taking advantage of any European tour starts I may get.

What did the best learning of everthing you went through last year?

Last year I never felt like I had a solid plan and I chopped and changed things to much rather than being patient and believing in myself and especially my golf. I know I am good enough to be successful but maybe my impatience got in the way too much last year.

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