The Gecko Tour continues to attract young promising talent

Three names to follow closely…

The Westin Golf La Quinta course, in Marbella, will host the third from last tournament of the Gecko Tour this Thursday and Friday. It’s all up in the air. Stakes are high. The battle for the order of merit between Swedish golfer Andreas Andersson and British golfer Sam Connor has reached a critical point. 

At the same time, the best winter tour in Europe continues to bet on young talent. The Gecko is the ideal place for golfers who haven’t been professionals for very long and who are looking to make the jump to golf’s elite. At La Quinta, for example, names that have left a lasting impression in the amateur world such as Dermot McElroy, Scott Fernández and Jimmy Mullen will be present. They all stood out in some of the most important tournaments such as the Walker Cup, Palmer Cup and British Amateur. 

The Gecko has proved itself throughout all these years to be a magnificent premises to train and prepare the young golfers. This season, two amateur golfers have already won: Valimaki and Ejlersen. Who will be the next? There will be eight golfers who are still not professionals at La Quinta this time around.

Apart from Fernández, Mullen and McElroy’s powerful presences, it’s also important to note that Gabriel Cañizares, Luke Johnson, Mads Vibe-Hastrup, Clarke Lutton, James Maw and Marcos Pastor, winner last week, will all be there as well.

La Quinta should be like a breath of fresh air for golfers after the extremely difficult conditions in the tournament at Alcaidesa, with strong bouts of wind that reached more than sixty kilometers per hour.

The tournament will begin this Thursday starting at nine in the morning and the last game will be at ten thirty. The Gecko is coming to an end and everything will be determined, as it couldn’t be any other way, in the Costa del Sol.

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