The fantastic five of the Gecko Tour

The Gecko grand finale at Finca Cortesín begins with five candidates for the Order of Merit


The grande finale of the Gecko Tour is already underway at Finca Cortesín. The sun is out and perfect conditions on the course. The ideal setting to host the last tournament of the sixth season of the best winter tour in Europe. A class of its own. The top golfers in the order of merit will compete today for the last victory of the year as the champion of the Gecko. There will be 36 participants in total. The crème de la crème. The top thirty in the order of merit and an additional six invitees, four of which are amateurs. The finale started today, Monday, and will finish tomorrow. The golfers are rising to the occasion, to make for an action-packed, exciting finale. Twenty of the top 25 golfers in the Gecko rankings will be there.

Leading the pack are the ‘five fantastic’, the five that call the shots in the order of merit and who will have a chance at coming in first in the rankings. They are: Andreas Andersson, British golfer Sam Connor, also Swedish golfers Fredrik From and WIlliam Nygaard and British golfer Steven Jones. Those five are the only ones who have it mathematically possible to take home the Gecko title and join the winner’s circle with Marcos Pastor. Whatever happens, it will be a historic edition of the tour established in the Costa del Sol, due to the fact that for the first time in six years, the winner will not be Spanish. It all depends on Andersson and Connor to win in the rankings. A victory at Finca Cortesín would mean the order of merit would be served to either one of them on a silver platter: Andreas Andersson will be crowned champion if…

-He finishes in first place.


-He finishes in second and Connor doesn’t win.


-He finishes in third and Connor, From and Nygard don’t win.


-He finishes in fourth and Connor, From, Nygard and Jones don’t win.


-It doesn’t matter what he places if Connor doesn’t end up first or second and From, Nygard and Jones don’t win.


-Sam Connor will take home the title if…


-He makes first place.


-He finishes in second and From and Nygard don’t win and Andersson winds up tied for third or lower.


Fredrik From will win if…


-He finishes in first place and Andersson finishes tied for second with another golfer or lower.


William Nygaard will win if…


-He finishes in first place and Andersson ends up second tied with two golfers or lower.


Steven Jones will win if…


-He ends up in first place and Andersson winds up third tied with three golfers or lower.


As you can see, there is more than enough excitement in store for this week at Finca Cortesín. Five candidates for the win and many other important names such as Jordi García del Moral and Marcos Pastor, golfers from previous years in the Gecko, Manuel Quirós, Matthew Baldwin, James Robinson, Mads Vibe-Hastrup, Mario Galiano and Noemí Jiménez, to name a few.

The winner of the order of merit will also earn the rights to the Alps Tour card for next season, the second in the Order of Merit will get two invitations to play in the Czech One Tour. 

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