The Alcaidesa wouldn’t miss its date with the Gecko

The nineteenth tournament starts today in San Roque

The Heathland course at Alcaidesa will host the nineteenth tournament of the Gecko Tour this Thursday and Friday. The Gecko will pick up where it left off in December at Alcaidesa which, due to extreme weather conditions, was unable to host the last scheduled tournament. A promise is a promise and Alcaidesa was a must on the Gecko calendar, getting more and more appealing by the week. Some of the highest-ranked golfers will be participating in this week’s edition of the Gecko this Thursday. Leading the pack is Swedish golfer Andreas Andersson, who currently has a strong hold on the Number 1 spot in the order of merit.

Moreover, there are big name golfers who will be present at Alcaidesa as well such as winners Mario Galiano, Fraser Moore and William Nygard. One of the most in shape golfers from the these past weeks, also highly favored for the win who, will make an appearance as well: Mads Vibe-Hastrup.

The weather will play a crucial role in the tournament. Today, Thursday, strong wind is expected that could put a damper on the round. If the course is already complicated, today could be decisive in weeding people out and in telling who will make their way to the top of the rankings.

Other golfers who will most likely be in the fight for the win this Friday are Gabriel Cañizares, Luke Johnson and Carlos del Moral. Once again, the Gecko boasts a power lineup of talented golfers who were fighting for the win not long ago in the European Tour.

The first game at Alcaidesa will start at nine in the morning, while the last is at 11:10 am. One of the star games will be that of Galiano, Andersson and Nick Marsh at 9:50 am.

Furthermore, just before the start of the tournament, the Gecko announced a new tournament before the grand finale at Finca Cortesín on March 6th and 7th. A tournament that will be held the 27th and 28th of February at Calanova. Very good news which solidifies the impressive repertoire of tournaments in the best winter tour in Europe.

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