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2016/2017 Tour Policy


Tour Membership is open to all Professional Golfers and Elite Amateurs. The Gecko Tour reserves the right to refuse any membership application. 2016/2017 Gecko Membership is mandatory
Application for Membership for The Gecko Tour must be made online. No refunds will be given if a Member resigns or is banned.

Event Entry

The Gecko Tour events are open to all declared Professional Golfers and Elite Amateurs
Entry to each event will be on a first come first served basis, although professionals have priority a limited amount of spaces will be reserved for amateurs.

Late entries to contact Tour Office to enquire about availability (+34) 622 282 102

Tournament Format

36 holes Stroke play over 2 days played in 2 or 3 balls.
Rules governing Tournament play are the current R&A Rules of Golf in addition to the Local Rules of the host venue as approved by the Tournament Director.
Your personal “Hard Copy” of the local rules is provided alongside your membership card.

Tournament Field

The Field size is limited to 84 players. Based on first come, first served basis. Further details can be given on request.

Practice Round

Every effort is undertaken by The Gecko Tour to negotiate discounted rates for each Tournament practice round. Frequently restrictions will apply. Players should consult the Player Information Sheet produced for each tournament for details.

Press TOUR SCHEDULE to download the Player Information Sheet for each Tournament.

The booking of practice rounds is the sole responsibility of each player.
Clubs will operate on a first-come/first-served basis and players are therefore encouraged to book their practice round as early as possible. The GeckoTour will not be held responsible should a tournament venue confirm they are no longer able to allocate a practice round tee-time.
If Gecko tee markers (or painted white dots) have been set during the practice day, players must play within a metre/yard of the Gecko Tee Markers (or painted white dots). Players who intentionally tee off on the line of the Gecko Tee Markers (or painted white dots) during practice days will be fined 50€.

Tee Times

Tee Time preference for the first round, for those travelling together will be given whenever possible, requests must be made 48 hours in advance of the event.
Tee times for the final day will be based on the leaderboard with the leading players going out last. Tee Times will be communicated by email to the players by 4pm the day before the start of the tournament. Tee Times are also published on the website.

Players should report to the registration desk, then report to the tournament starter at least 10 minutes before their confirmed tee times.
Tour Schedule

As per the “Tour Schedule” on the website.


25% of the field guaranteed pay out + ties

In the event of a tie, the result will be determined by a sudden death play-off.
All runners up will be deemed to have come second and the place money will be divided equally between them.

All prize money, after deduction of relevant statutory withholding taxes, will be paid by bank transfer within 7 business days following the end of each Tournament.
Players are responsible for ensuring the Tour Office is in receipt of their correct personal banking details (IBAN and BIC/SWIFT) in order that prize payments can be made.

Amateur players compete for vouchers. Leading amateur 350 Euros (in the form of a voucher) Second place amateur 150 Euros (in the form of a voucher) In the event of a tie, prize winners will be determinate by count-back as follows: the lowest number of strokes for the last 18 holes, then the last 9 holes, the last 6 holes, the last 3 holes and finally the last hole.

Order of Merit

The Order of Merit will be determined by the players winnings on the tournaments Order of Merit

Entry Procedure

Players must register on-line before the Tournament or they will lose their priority, if you wish to pay cash in the day this must be done with prior arrangement with the tournament office. To register please go to “Enter Tournament“ and add to “your shopping cart” the desired tournaments then proceed to checkout.

A minimum of 14 days notice is required if you wish to withdraw from an event and your entry fee will be transferred or refunded. If less notice is given then only in extreme circumstances including proof of a doctor certificate will a refund be considered.

Player Responsibilities

All players are required to strictly abide with the current R&A Rules of Golf
All players are expected to respect the etiquette demanded of the sport. Bad behaviour and poor sportsmanship including disrespect towards fellow players will not be tolerated and may lead to disqualification from the Tournament. Such decisions will be taken at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director.
Playing on the line of the Gecko Tee Markers (or painted white dots) during practice rounds will carry a fine of 50€.
Players who are caught throwing their clubs or causing wilful damage to any part of the course or to their own equipment will be fined €100.
Players who fail to rake the bunker after their shot will be fined €100.
Players who are disrespectful towards any staff member, other tournament official or fellow player or behave in an aggressive and/or abusive manner will be fined €100.
Any player who walks off the course during Tournament play without completing his round – for any reason other than for a personal injury – will be fined €200 and will be refused entry to the following Tournament. Repetition of such behaviour may lead to expulsion from The Gecko Tour for the remainder of the current season.

Any player requiring to leave the course due to illness or injury must inform the Tournament Director.
Any player who does not turn up for their allotted tee time on any day – for any reason other than for a personal injury which must be communicated as early as possible – will be fined €200 and will be refused entry to the following Tournament. Repetition of such behaviour may lead to expulsion from The Gecko Tour for the remainder of the current season
Players must submit their signed and checked scorecard to the Tour Office immediately upon completion of their round each day. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification from the Tournament.

Players and Caddies Attire

Correct attire on the course is mandatory at all times
The wearing of jeans and collarless shirts is not permitted
Players are not permitted to wear shorts
Caddies may wear tailored shorts and should only wear trainer-styled footwear. Spikes are not permitted
Players are responsible for ensuring their caddy adheres to correct on-course attire
GPS or Laser Assistance

Devices that only measure distance are permitted. However, devices that also measure slope are strictly forbidden under the Rules of Golf (Appendix IV – 5. Distance-Measuring Devices). Use of such devices will lead to automatic disqualification even if such functionality has been switched-off. Buggies and Trolleys

Buggies are not allowed, however players may use powered or pull trolleys. Mobile Telephones

Use of a mobile phone is strictly forbidden during Tournament play with the exception of emergency use.
Use of a mobile phone is strongly discouraged during practice rounds, on the driving range and on or close to the short-game areas.
Players who are found to be using a mobile phone will be fined €100
Pace of Play – Slow Play

In 2016/17, a new and clearer policy will apply governing Slow Play.

All strokes and putts must be performed within 60 seconds – including any preparation such as putting on gloves, measuring distance, choice of club, assessment of the wind, etc. This will also apply when tournaments are played with preferred lies.

Whatever time a player takes on preparation or to perform his shot is his choice, as long as he takes no more than 60 seconds from the moment it is his turn to take his shot. The ONLY EXCEPTION is when a player has a ruling situation or is waiting for a rules official, is waiting for the group in front or waiting for players to take their shots on a neighbouring hole.

If a player exceeds the 60 second limit, for any reason other than the exceptions mentioned, he will receive a “bad time”. No warning will be given for the first bad time.

Timing Procedure

The timing of a player will start when the player has reached his ball, it is his turn to play and he is able to play without interference. The player is allowed 60 seconds to make his stroke or putt. This applies at all times – even if a player wishes to help a fellow competitor find his lost ball. When it is the player’s turn to play, he must make his stroke within 60 seconds.

Tee Shots

First to play: Timing begins immediately the player arrives on the tee box;
Second or third to play: As soon as the previous player’s ball has come to rest, plus a count of 3 seconds, the next player’s timing begins
Approach Shots

First to play: Timing begins immediately the player reaches his ball
Second or third to play: As soon as the previous player’s ball has come to rest, plus a count of 3 seconds, the next player’s timing begins
Putting Green

First to play: Timing begins immediately the player reaches his ball
Second or third to play: As soon as the previous player’s ball has come to rest, plus a count of 3 seconds, the next player’s timing begins
Note: Time taken for marking and replacing the ball is included in the 60 seconds


After the first “bad time”, each subsequent “bad time” will incur a fine of 50€.

Three “bad times” during the same round will lead to automatic disqualification and additional €50 fine.

Note: Players will NOT be advised that they are being timed.

How to Improve the Pace of Play

Be aware of your position with regard to the group in front of you
If you feel your group is falling behind, advise your fellow players and catch up as soon as possible If informed that the group ahead is on the clock, increase your pace of play immediately
Do not concern yourself with the group behind as this is the responsibility of the officials
Always play a provisional ball if there is any doubt about where your ball has landed
Check your routines and prepare yourself before it is your turn to play
When calculating your yardage, count yardage spots on the way to your ball instead of firstly approaching your ball and then counting steps towards the yardage spots in front of the ball
Do not wait until it is your turn to play before putting on your glove, counting yardage, etc..
Look at your own line of putt while your fellow players look at theirs
Do not help another fellow player to search for their lost ball if it is your turn to play. Hit your shot and then help

Do not wait to search for your ball until you can get help for your fellow players. Appeals Procedures

Any appeal regarding penalties must be referred to the Tournament Director immediately after the round is completed and before the card is signed.
Tournament closure. The tournament is deemed to have closed 30 minutes after the last group have left the registration area.

In all cases the Tournament Directors decision is final. Grievances

If you have any grievance with The Gecko Tour please discuss it with the Managing Director Ken Lingwood

Suspension of Play

In the event of play being suspended due to thunderstorm / electrical activity, signalled by 1 long blast on the klaxon, immediately mark your ball and seek the nearest area of shelter. Resumption of play will be signalled by 2 long blasts on the klaxon.
If play has to be suspended for any other reason, signalled by 2 short blasts on the klaxon then players may choose either:

To mark the ball, or finish the hole currently in play.
All players must then report directly to the Tournament Registration Office. Not until the players have been given permission, may play resume.

Course Unfit for Play

If only one day’s play is possible, on account of the adverse weather conditions or state of the course, then the scores from that one day’s play will be final.

All players must have completed 18 holes for a Tournament to be considered staged.
In the event that the entire field has not completed 18 holes then a full refund will be made. Note:

The Tour Referee has the final say in any decision made on the course during tournament play and any such decision is final;

The Tournament Director is responsible for matters that arise off the course during the tournament. Any decision taken by the Tournament Director will be considered final.


Please respect the Tour and Sponsors when dealing with the media.
It is a Tournament entry requirement that that all players will be available for any media duties, including interviews, sponsorship presentations, press photographs and all television requirements. Please note:

By registering to compete in a tournament on The Gecko Tour, each player gives The Gecko Tour the absolute right and permission to use their name, image, interview performance and other auditory or visual image as a player on The Gecko Tour and copyright and/or publish, or use pictures or videotapes of the player of which the inclusion is in whole or in part, made through any media or internet website at its tournament venues or elsewhere, for advertising, trade or any lawful purpose whatsoever whether taken at a tournament venue, prior to, or after a tournament event. The player hereby waives any right that they may have to inspect and/approve the finished product that may be used in connection therewith, or the use to which it may be applied. Having registered for a tournament, each player is deemed to have read this policy statement and understands the above Waiver.

All fines MUST BE PAID before a player can enter a future Tournament.