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During the 1970s some of the teenagers of Guadiaro worked as caddies on the golf courses in Sotogrande. Their love to golf grew fast but they couldn’t afford to play on the near golf courses.

They dreamt of having an own golf club where to practice and thanks to their tireless efforts and ingenuity they founded in 1979 what is now known as the La Cañada Golf Club.

The caddies met on a field situated in Guadiaro, in the area know occupied by the soccer pitch, and practiced with handmade wooden clubs and second hand irons.

The years passed and in 1979 they decided to establish an official golf club. Nine where the founding members that also organized the first competition on the Golf Club Las Aves today’s Valderrama. It was an unexpected success with 80 inscriptions.

The great acceptance and their aim to fulfill their dreams, made them convince the Royal Spanish Golf Federation to registered La Cañada as club without course. Once again the members were pioneers in establishing a club that had the right to compete without having a course. La Cañada became really famous in the golf society because of its magnificent participation on the second Andalusian Championship, where the Club won in all categories.

La Cañada Golf Club
La Cañada Golf Club
La Cañada Golf Club
La Cañada Golf Club
La Cañada Golf Club

After spending several years playing in various courses of the area, the need and desire to have an own course was very strong. Like the Greek proverb “The real sportsman is born when the others are tired”, the members worked tireless and managed to persuade the San Roque´s city hall, “Sotogrande S.A.” and “Junta de Andalucía” to collaborate. The institutions ceded a plot of land for the first nine holes.

La Cañada can be defined as a jewel in the world of golf: its history, its location with a spectacular view over the Mediterranean Sea, the estuary of the Guadiaro River and the Gibraltar Rock and also its design made by two of the best golf architects of the worlds Dave Thomas and Robert Trend Jones makes La Cañada unique. With the construction of the Clubhouse in the style of the traditional Andalusian cottages and the installation of the second nine holes La Cañada consolidated …………….

The dream of those children caddies came true. And it shows that thanks to the hard work, wishes can be fulfilled. Even today, La Cañada Golf Club continues this premise and still believes in equal opportunity based on sport. This attitude is reflected in the creation of La Cañada Golf School with more than 200 pupils and 80 mental and physical disabled players.

La Cañada a fulfilled dream …

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